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More on ABCL and Maven and ABCL-CDK

posted by cyrus in Lisp

So in the last installment, we saw a few problems with ABCL, maven and libraries to be supplied by maven. I've tracked a few of these things down, learned a few things, and released a trivial new library.

Maven 3.0.3 vs 3.0.4

It turns out I had maven 3.0.3 installed. I'm not sure where this came from. XCode perhaps? In any event, the ABCL maven stuff requires version 3.0.3 or later, so I was OK there, but it depends on some features that are only found in 3.0.4 (some HttpWagon or something or other).

Removing the 3.0.3 maven and installing homebrew's maven 3.0.4 fixes this problem. If there's an easy way to make the ABCL maven-embedder stuff work with 3.0.3 or 3.0.4, that would be nice.

Other Remote Repositories

I'm still relying on the freehep 2d graphics libraries and these aren't in maven central, but rather in the freehep maven repo. How can we tell the ABCL maven stuff to search this repository? There may be a way, but if so I haven't found it yet.

Using Sharpsign-quote

It turns out one can do (#"foo" ...) instead of (java:jcall "foo" ...), so I've switched over my code to this style.


It's a farily trivial package at this point, but I've released abcl-cdk which provides some examples of calling the CDK from ABCL.

More on ABCL and Maven and ABCL-CDK