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nuclblog 0.2

posted by cyrus in Lisp

nuclblog_0.2 can be found here . nuclblog is a rewrite of Brian Mastenbrook's cl-blog package for use with Hunchentoot. There's a demo blog included and it's fairly easy to get up and running:

 (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :nuclblog-demo) (nuclblog-demo:start-services) (nuclblog::add-user nuclblog-demo::blog "demouser" "demopass") 


Oh, I should point out that an addition to ch-asdf, nuclblog also requires a number of other packages to run, including hunchentoot, cl-who, puri, cl-store and probably a bunch of other packages I'm forgetting at the moment.

nuclblog 0.2