Cyrus Harmon's new completely useless blog

nuclblog0.5A common lisp blog engine for use with Hunchentoot
retrospectiff0.0.4A library for reading and writing TIFF files (without FFI to libtiff)
hunchentoot-vhost0.2Virtual hosting with Hunchentoot
hunchentoot-auth0.2Trivial-ish user authentication with Hunchentoot
hunchentoot-cgi0.2CGI handlers for Hunchentoot
clemA common lisp matrix math package
ch-image0.4.1A common lisp image representation and processing library
ch-util0.3.10Cyrus Harmon's common lisp utility package
ch-asdf0.2.14Cyrus Harmon's asdf extensions
smarkup0.4.2S-Expression-based Markup Stuff
cl-pdf-lm0.0.2An ASDF-packaged version of the Latin Modern font for use with cl-pdf. Latin Modern is a version of the TeX Computer Modern (and other) fonts with support for Unicode characters. Only the afm versions of the fonts are included, but OpenType versions can be found in the original Latin Modern package.
gcc-xml-ffi0.1.6A system for automatically generating common lisp foreign function interface (FFI) bindings from C and C++ code
fftw-ffi0.1.4-20060407A system for generating common lisp foreign function interface (FFI) bindings for the FFTW (Fastest Fourier Transform in the West) Package
tiff-ffi0.2.2FFI bindings to the libtiff library for TIFF image manipulation
freetype-ffi0.2FFI bindings to the freetype2 font library
carbon-ffi0.1.6Foreign-function interfaces for SBCL to interface with the MacOS Carbon APIs
clsr0.1.10A system for embedding the R implementation of the S language for statistical programming in common lisp and vice versa